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hello everyone. My name is Huyen I am 22 years old . I have just graduated from Hanoi University of science and technology. When i was a child i wanted to be a tour guide or simply a person who can support the tour guide because i love travelling. That burning dream job still follows me until now. So luckily i make dream come true and it is Mr Cat and Rosa Motor bike tours that give me the chance to do it become a motor driver coodinatorI am very careful person so do not worry when travelling with me it will be tolally safe. Hope you enjoy the trip


 hello every one, my name is Phuong Dung, I was born and raised in Hanoi, so I have been here for roughly 27 years I ama so proud of being a Hanoian and extremly eager to welcome all of you coming to visit my home town. Hanoi is ancient town and well know with century architecture and rich culture with chinese , French and south east asia influences If I was your host. I will take you around all the conner of Hanoi and try variety of street food. I bet you can’t get enough of them
now let’s the tour begin
  • Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, we met Peter by chance and we were indeed very lucky to have come across him. We started talking together and the first thing we appreciated was the fact that he speaks ...
  • This my second time in Vietnam. We booked for Hanoi night tours with motorbike tours Hanoi. Right from the very first meeting when we were picked up from our hotel, everything with motorbike tours ...
  • The idea of hopping on a motorbike in Hanoi was a little intimidating, but the drivers were all fantastic and the bikes seemed new and good condition. My boyfriend and I had the BEST time on the tour ...
  • I'm a 50 year old woman and spent a few days in Hanoi on a little solo trip. I looked at a few bike tours online and chose this tour, seduced by the Vespa and grest reviews - I wasn't disappointed! ...
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